Texas Cannabis Legalization Update

Texas House Bill 3785 and Senate Bill 1989 Legalizing Medical Cannabis (with doctor’s recommendation) were filed Friday, March 13, 2015, and would legalize medical cannabis as early as next year. Although similar Texas bills have been introduced in the past, these two bills are being hailed as the most comprehensive yet.

“This piece of legislation is a comprehensive medical marijuana bill. Texans deserve a choice when it comes to their health care.”

“The support we see here today is a clear indication that the Legislature needs to take the suffering of these Texans seriously.”

(State Rep. Marisa Marquez, D-El Paso, the author of House Bill 3785)

Supporters of the bills are hopeful but realize that it’s going to be a difficult task to get them passed.  With both the Sheriff’s Association of Texas and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott both opposing ending the prohibition, even for medical patients.

“I don’t think decriminalizing marijuana is going to happen this session,”

“I will see Texas continuing to lead the way of diverting away from activity that involves drug use and helping people lead more productive lives.”

(Texas Gov. Greg Abbott)

“oppose any effort to decriminalize marijuana, or legalize medical marijuana or any of the components of marijuana.”

(Sheriffs’ Association of Texas)

(Full Article and Video Here)

If passed, Texas would be the 24th state to medical cannabis. Currently, Texas bans all marijuana and criminalizes its possession.

All you Texas readers, call and/or write your representatives to voice your support for compassionate laws legalizing marijuana in Texas!

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