Louisiana Cannabis Legalization Update

Shreveporttimes had an editorial on Louisiana’s “Marijuana Madness”. As an example of Louisiana’s tough stance (“Louisiana has some of the harshest anti-marijuana laws in the U.S.“), the editorial states:

Bernard Noble is in prison for 13 years for possession (not sale) but just possession of two marijuana joints. What about Noble’s prior criminal history? One case of possession, 12 years earlier, and one from 24 years earlier. Hardly a career criminal.

That’s beyond harsh by any measure….13 years for having 2 joints! In an age where states are almost rushing to legalize cannabis, they have basically ruined this man’s life and horribly affected his family just because he wanted to smoke a couple of joints…

The editorial continues by admonishing those who make money with marijuana prohibition.

Well, it’s not like the government lobbies itself to keep these stiff penalties. Well, it does. The Louisiana Sheriff’s Association lobbies the state legislature in order to keep long marijuana prison terms in order to ensure state funding for parish jails used to hold state convicts. Than again, private prisons have been known to do the same thing.

Well it’s not like innocent people in this country, when charged with marijuana laws, are still punished. Tell that to Robert Pardee who though acquitted of a marijuana possession law in Iowa, had $30,000 (which was in his car) taken by the police and not given back. The fact is innocent people sometimes have large amounts of cash, the burden should be on the government to prove it is drug related.

When people in position of authority and public trust start using people and unjust laws for monetary gain, we have certainly reached the point of “madness”.

Full Editorial at Shreveporttimes – “McCollom: Isn’t it time we end the marijuana madness?”

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