LA Confidential Marijuana Strain Review

SFGate blog “Smell the Truth” did a review recently of the marijuana strain “LA Confidential (Afghani x OG LA Affie [aka ‘Afghan Bombay Kush’])“.

  • Created by Don and Aaron of DNA Genetics
  • Comprised of pure, unadulterated Afghani Indica for exceptional medicinal properties
  • OG LA Affie is an original Afghan strain that is rarely shared outside a closed circle of growers.
  • Award winning Indica that has brought home a laundry list of accolades
  • One of the very first strains to undergo ‘Whole Genome Sequencing’ through Medicinal Genomicslaboratories


The flirtatious bouquet of LA Confidential is brief but heavenly. Its first impression presents a sweet aroma, laden with warm, woody spices. When torn apart, a delightful burst of fruity diesel and dank earthiness is released into the air. Each of the various aromas has been visually captured in the expressive display of coloration decorating the compact flower’s figure. Vibrant shades of indigo weave and bob through rings of pistil fire and lemon citron glow. Speckles of soft pinks and lavenders shimmer in the crunchy stardust crystals encapsulating the flower. Beneath it all, quietly rests the deepest, richest greens of earth and sea.


When met by flame, the thick forest of trichomes let out a sizzle-crackle as they burn. Early flavors are filled with the light and foamy cream of spicy chai. Notes of rich pine soil emerge from the creaminess, bringing warmed butternut squash and a dash of nutmeg alongside. As the comforting tastes of fall fade, a persistent creamy mouthfeel lingers, in it for the long haul.


All it takes is one small puff to release the medicinal powers of this potent little lady. First toke induces a soft, velvety wash over your entire physical being. Body and mind are stabilized into a neutral zone, calmed from the inside out. Anxious feelings and scattered, racy thoughts are slowed to a complete halt. In light doses, the body doesn’t feel heavy or absorbed by furniture and the relaxed mind is stimulated through jovial engagement. Delightful conversations flow with ease and a tide of giggles. In higher doses, the LA Confidential strain can be more heavily sedating. Aches and pain dissipate, as you find yourself slowly enveloped in a comforting body-buzz wrap. This state of euphoric tranquility would be extremely beneficial for those who are tense and prone to anxiety. Overall, the experience is warm, relaxed and cozy. If you are hitting on the heavier side, you will eventually find yourself lulled into a deep, peaceful dreamscape.


LA Confidential has won a long list of awards including: 1st Battle of the Bridge 2009 (independent grower), 1st Indica High Times Cannabis Cup 2008, 1st Kush Cup Las Vegas 2007 (independent grower), 1st Indica IC420 Breederscup 2005, 2nd Bio Highlife Cup 2009, 2nd Indica High Times Cannabis Cup 2005, 3rd Indica High Times Cannabis Cup 2004, 3rd Kush Cup Las Vegas 2006, Strain of the Year 2006 High Times

What do you think? Sound and looks like something down my alley of ailments!

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