Marijuana Prohibition Destroying Environment

Are gorilla cannabis farmers destroying our Public lands?

With medical cannabis becoming legal in many states, what will happen to the illegal gorilla farmers.  These grow operations are not set in urban settings  but in remote public land.  When busts are made to these gorilla farmers,  there are no doors to kick in or equipments to confiscate..just litter and damage, ecological devastation.  Nothing but trash, drip lines, hundreds of pounds of chemicals are left by these growers.

Most people would be shocked at the damage left behind by these illegal grow operations.  According to Office of National Drug Control Policy, for every acre used by these farmers, 10 more acres are polluted with toxic chemical fertilizers and herbicides.  Water diversion from streams is destroying and endangering our animal species.

It’s been estimated that these illegal gorilla farmers are mostly being controlled by the drug cartels from out neighbor, Mexico.  As these operations grow,  it’s not just public lands being used by these growers.   Korbel Winery in Sonoma County,  were shocked to find 15 of their protected redwood trees had been cut down and replaced with 100 marijuana plants.

The environmental devastation has divided the marijuana advocates into two camps.  Those who want to keep marijuana illegal so they can continue to profit without governmental restraints and those that want full legalization.

Where do you stand?

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