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WeedJournal.org is an online news outlet for the Cannabis Industry, Marijuana Legalization Movement, Medical Marijuana, & other subjects related weed.

Our mission is to bring you honest real-time reporting about happenings in the fast changing social, political, & business environments for both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

WeedJournal.org covers a wide range of news and informational topics about cannabis; from marijuana legalization movement in the U.S. to hot performing marijuana stocks to trending weed memes, our goal is to put our readers in the middle of this exciting world as we all push for sensible laws on cannabis.

Some of the cannabis related areas covered at WeedJournal.org include:

  • Marijuana Legalization Movement
  • Updates on state marijuana laws and status of any pending or upcoming legal medical or recreational marijuana bills
  • Medical Marijuana research and treatment news
  • Garden Cannabis marijuana growing news, articles and how-to grow marijuana continuing series
  • Marijuana stocks, venture funding, and start-up news and information
  • Marijuana product reviews including dispensaries, cannabis strains, edibles, concentrates, gear, and grow equipment
  • Fun good vibes marijuana related recreational articles and marijuana entertainment
  • Everything about marijuana at WeedJournal.org!




Weed Journal Marijuana News



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