Christie Weed Tax Blood Money

Governor Chris Christie isn’t too fond of legalized marijuana. From an Asbury Park Press article “Christie: Taxes from weed is ‘blood money’

“Fact is, that we should stop those things we can stop,” Christie said. “And as long as I’m governor of New Jersey, there won’t be legalized marijuana in this state.”

And not only is he opposed to legalized marijuana for New Jersey, he is against all of society having access to cannabis.

“This should not be permitted in our society, it sends the wrong message,” Christie said. “Every bit of objective data tells us that it’s a gateway drug to other drugs. And it is not an excuse in our society to say that alcohol is legal so why not make marijuana legal. … Well … why not make heroin legal? Why not make cocaine legal? You know, their argument is a slippery slope.”

The same tired “slippery slope” argument that has been used against everything from civil rights to gay marriage.

He then goes on to “not impugn cash businesses” by stating “they tend – at times – to maybe not be the most compliant taxpayers in the world”.

The Federal Prohibition places restrictions on banks which, in effect, prevents them from doing business with dispensaries. Dispensaries are thus forced to accept only cash.

Addressing the issue additional tax revenue from legalization, he stated that taxes collected on sales of marijuana is “blood money”.

“To me, that’s blood money. I’m not going to put the lives of children and citizens at risk to put a little more money into the state coffers, at least not on my watch.”

A Christie appointee, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph D. Coronato, backed up his boss with this:

the governor is correct: Marijuana is in fact a gateway drug. Moreover, there are now statistics available that indicate that Colorado’s experiment has given legal cover to street dealers peddling more potent forms of marijuana unavailable in government regulated stores.

In fact, statistics are showing that Marijuana might actually be a gateway out of hard drugs.

New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform released a statement in response to the governor’s comments:

“Right now, revenue from marijuana sales goes to street corner dealers and drug cartels, which are thriving in the unregulated marketplace,” the statement read. “The real harms from marijuana in (New Jersey) are the tens of thousands of lives damaged each year by the discriminatory arrest practices that have grown under Gov. Christie’s watch. If the governor truly wants to reduce the harms of marijuana, he should support government regulation and control.”

 “New Jersey makes more than 21,000 marijuana possession arrests per year and black New Jerseyans are nearly three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites, despite similar usage rates,”

“Legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana will put an end to the tremendous harms caused by our current laws, create jobs, increase public safety, and generate millions of dollars in revenue to fund projects that help all New Jerseyans, including evidence-based drug prevention and treatment strategies and reinvestment in communities,”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Full article at Asbury Park Press “Christie: Taxes from weed is blood money


Patients and doctors must register with the state and pay a $200 fee apiece. Only patients suffering from one of six conditions, including terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy, may apply. Currently, there are only three dispensaries open in the state, in Woodbridge, Egg Harbor Township and Montclair. There are about 2,000 registered patients, but Democratic Assemblyman Tim Eustace, who sponsored the resolution, estimates between 500 and 1,000 people are using the program.

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