Colorado Defends Lawsuit at SCOTUS

Colorado state Attorney General Cynthia Coffman defended the state’s marijuana laws, and urged the U.S. Supreme Court to reject a lawsuit filed by neighboring states Nebraska and Oklahoma.

In her brief she wrote:

“filed this case in an attempt to reach across their borders and selectively invalidate state laws with which they disagree”

The Nebraska and Oklahoma¬†lawsuit seeks to strike down Colorado’s licensing of recreational marijuana stores. Nebraska and Oklahoma officials argue that the stores have caused a flood of marijuana into their states, stretching their law enforcement agencies thin and threatening their sovereignty.

Colorado’s ¬†AG stated that closing down marijuana dispensaries would only worsen the black-market marijuana in all three states.

Colorado’s marijuana laws “are designed to channel demand away from this black market and into a licensed and closely monitored retail system,”

Now the Supreme Court must decide whether to take up the case. Currently there is no timeline for the decision.

There are currently four cases that have been filed against Colorado’s marijuana legalization. This one has drawn the most attention because it involves 3 states and the question of whether one state can effectively dictate the laws of another.

UPDATE: Oregon and Washington State are lending a hand to Colorado in the lawsuit.

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