Marijuana refugees fight to come home

Today, March 27, 2015, Nathan Deal, Republican Gov. of Georgia, signed an executive order to prepare for legislation that would make Georgia the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana.

The new law “will allow certified Georgia families to possess up to 20 ounces of nonintoxicating cannabidiol extract (CBD) for use in treating symptoms of eight health conditions, without fear of prosecution.”

The law, dubbed “Haleigh’s Hope Act” after a child it will affect, could help as many as 500,000 Georgians, said Rep. Allan Peake, a Macon Republican who fought for the passage of what was only two years ago a long-shot gambit.

Gov. Deal stated that he is reaching out to 17 Marijuana Refugee families that were displaced from Georgia to Colorado.

This is a dramatic shift in the political and social landscape for cannabis in the heart of the southern conservatism, which would not have come about without the tireless work of the Marijuana Refugees and other cannabis advocates.

Much work has been done but keep in mind that the medical marijuana bill that passed in Georgia is still very narrow in scope.  Even before the bill passed, fibromyalgia was removed as one of the qualifying conditions.

Additionally, these families are still prisoners of the cannabis prohibition. Yes they are home. No they still won’t be able to travel to certain states.

Let’s hope this is the first step in a march toward full legalization.

Here’s is a Fox 30 Action News Video


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