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Another happy medical marijuana story!  WhoTV is reporting that 9 year old Alexis Bortell of Texas has finally been able to get relief from her epileptic seizure.

Since the first dose, she has not had a single symptom or seizure and we’re on day 22 now.

For most of her young life, Alexis had to deal with daily epileptic seizures. Doctors and specialists told the family that medical cannabis might alleviate or stop the seizures.

There was just one problem. They are from Texas which does not have legal medical marijuana. The family faced few options; stay and endure the seizures, stay and risk arrest by buying illegally, or displace the family and move to a legal state.  Like many loving families, they chose to become medical refugees by moving to Colorado. Just so their little girl would have access to medicine which has, thankfully, proven to be life changing.

The Bortells aren’t giving up the fight to get marijuana legalized in Texas. Not just so they can bring their girl back to her home state, but also because they know first-hand what being a medical refugee is like.

This session, the Texas Legislature has an unprecedented number of bills — 11 in all — and plenty of folks are hoping Texas will be next to join the cannabis craze.

Check out the video below, and then hop over to the Team Alexis Facebook page to see more of her amazing transformation into a normal kid.

How wonderful is that? What do opponents of cannabis legalization have to say about that? With their misinformed opposition to compassion and common sense, they would have us sit idly by while children like Alexis suffer horribly. Not when there is a readily available relatively safe medicine that can let these children live somewhat normal lives. The power is in our hands.

Full article at WhoTV: “Texas Girl Seizure-Free with Medical Marijuana in Colorado

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