Organic Marijuana Movement

Organic, it’s everywhere.  Next time at the grocery store check  the produce section, half the section is organic.  Organically grown produce tends to run about 10-30% more in price.  How about Cannabis?  Do you care where your marijuana comes from and how it was grown?  Well,  there are companies that are banking you will and that you’ll be willing pay a premium.

As more states accept cannabis legalization, farmers are all jumping into the game in hopes for their piece of the gold.  Majority of medical marijuana are grown indoors but that trend is slowly changing as more growers are electing to grow outdoors; no reason to hide from the law.  Indoor grown cannabis generally runs premium in price compared to sun grown crops.  This is due to costs related to indoor growing, energy cost as oppose to free and natural sun.

Farmers and outdoor growers are seeing this as an opportunity to create an better organic product. And with more stories of poison and chemical laced marijuana surfaces, more smokers will be looking for alternative growing.   Many enthusiasts believe well grown outdoor marijuana is the best marijuana.  Not just because it’s organic but because of taste and high.

Soon, you’ll be heading to your local farmers market or local swap meets to purchase you organic smoke.

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