Medical Marijuana Real Lives & Stories

Georgia became the 24th state in the union to legalize medical marijuana. In signing the executive order to prioritize the implementation of the bill, Republican Gov. Nathan Deal stated that he was “reaching out” to Georgia’s medical marijuana refugees.

Marietta Daily Journal did a story on one such family (“Family grateful for medical cannabis bill: ‘The Senate came through for us’”).

This bitter sweet story is about Victoria Lowe, a 13 year old girl who “suffers from chronic seizures and can’t speak because of developmental issues stemming from her condition”. She has had seizures almost her entire life up to as many as 50 per day.  Her parents have had to make the heartbreaking choice of giving her “addicting pharmaceutical meds…with negative side effects”.

The Lowe’s spent last summer in Colorado as medical refugees, where Victoria tried cannabis oil medication for the first time.

“She had 15 seizures on cannabis oil in the summer over three months, verses 15 seizures in a 30-minute period on no cannabis oil,” Lowe said of her daughter’s response to the medical cannabis over the summer. “She became more vocal; she spoke for the first time.”

Now they can administer this promising medicine from the comfort of their home state. Hope and life to a little girl and her family.

This is why we fight. Stand and make your choices heard with your votes!

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