California Marijuana Legalization Update

The latest survey (March, 2015) from Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) is showing that Californian’s support for legalizing marijuana is at 53%. This is a record level of support in marijuana legalization in California since PPIC began asking the question in 2010.

Among likely voters, the support for legalizing weed increases to 55%, while the opposition decreases from 45% to 43%.  The stats for likely voters is likely to play a significant role in both California and national elections.  A ballot measure to legalize marijuana is expected in 2016.

Another notable statistic is the percentage of Californians who would not mind if a marijuana store opened in their neighborhood. Potential marijuana dispensary owners in California will be encouraged to read that this percentage was at 53%.

The table below from the PPIC Survey for March 2015 on Marijuana Legalization is summarized below:

Californian support for legal marijuana March 2015

(The link to the full PPIC survey for March 2015.)



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