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With the recent passing of the bill to legalize medical marijuana in Georgia, is it time to reexamine the question of recreational marijuana for the state?

It has been estimated that legalizing recreational marijuana in Georgia would raise over $70 million in additional tax revenue (BizJournal: “Study: Legal recreational marijuana could bring Georgia $73M“). And with more data coming in from other states, the earlier estimates of $70 million are┬áprobably on the low side. For example, Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, has seen tax revenues at such high levels, that it has prompted the legislators in that state to consider the possibility of a “marijuana” tax refund. Could Georgia see similar “tax windfalls” with the legalization of recreational marijuana?

With some of the harshest penalties in the country for marijuana, the possibility of recreational marijuana in Georgia is remote at best. Recent polls saw much higher percentage of Georgians favoring medical marijuana than recreational marijuana.

With more states legalizing recreational marijuana along with more data becoming available, the support among the general population for legalizing marijuana is bound to increase. All the doomsayers have been proven wrong based on facts on the ground in the states that have legalized recreational marijuana.

What do you think? Should recreational marijuana be legalized in Georgia? Post your comment in support or against legalized recreational marijuana in Georgia.


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