Mississippi Marijuana Legalization Update
WREG News Channel 3 reported on the signature drive for Mississippi’s Ballot Initiative 46, being spearheaded by Kelly Jacobs.

“I am trying to collect signatures on Ballot Initiative 48,” she said. “We are trying to regulate marijuana like alcohol because regulation works.”

We need 110,000 by December 29. We have 4,200.”she said.

Ballot Initiative 46 wants to completely legalize marijuana for anyone over 21 and regulate it like alcohol. Additionally, it would require pardons for cannabis crimes so they can “empty the jails”.

Jacobs feels it is time for a change with the political winds blowing in the right direction.

“They looked at the polls, and they saw that young Republicans want this. Young Democrats want this,” Jacobs said.

For information on how to sign the petition, go to http://www.Yesonproposition48.Org/. Only registered Mississippi voters can sign.


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