Another story about how cannabis is saving lives. Tenille Farr, a Mormon mom of four from Utah, discovered she had Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma when was pregnant with her fifth child.

Chemotherapy would have put her unborn child at risk from the radiation. She made the choice to leave her family and travel to Colorado and California so that she could treat her cancer symptoms using legal cannabis oil.  She delivered a healthy baby.

Her emotional and difficult journey was documented by in a YouTube video.

“Tenille Farr discovered she had cancer when she was 18-weeks pregnant with her fifth son, Gabe. Using medical cannabis, she was able to deliver a healthy baby. This is her story.” noted Tenille Farr “has returned home to Utah and has stopped using medical cannabis because of her religious beliefs which keep her from breaking the law.”  She is still fighting cancer along with working to change medical marijuana laws in Utah.

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