Marijuana Bud Trimming Career Path

The promise and excitement of the new legal cannabis industry are prompting many to forgo other opportunities and possible career paths for a chance to work their way up the branches of the marijuana success ladder. With thousands of new jobs being created by legal marijuana dispensaries and other related businesses, many entry level workers are choosing to try their hand at cannabis bud trimming.

Bud trimming is the process of removing/trimming away the leaves and offshoots to prepare it for delivery. The work itself can be tedious at times with relatively low pay ($12-$15/hr), but for those looking to move up in the business, the “bud trimmer” position allows them to see all aspects of the operation as they are promoted up through the ranks. For others, it’s not about career advancement but the chance to work with something in which they believe, and along side others who share similar beliefs.

For those seeking a career path in marijuana, experienced marijuana bud trimmers can apply their learned skills as marijuana gardeners, or even cannabis extract makers. These positions, which pay between $50,000 to $90,000 a year, begin to offer compensation that can compete with jobs in “traditional” industries.

And as in any industry, many will go on to establish their own legal marijuana dispensaries to start the cycle again for a new group of job seekers and entrepreneurs.

Currently, the cannabis landscape is filled with small business owners who are being hampered by the Federal Prohibition on marijuana. Artificially placed limitations on basic business necessities such as bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and many others are holding back these small businesses and the marijuana industry as a whole. This impacts not only how much they are able to pay their employees, but also the sort of benefits they are able to offer. Just another example of how the Federal Prohibition on Marijuana is having a detrimental effect on hard working American lives.
Photo: Flickr: boodoo “May Day 1” Reproduced & Shared under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic
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