Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Marijuana

Prosecutors in Arizona wanting to deny medical marijuana to those on probation have themselves been denied by the Arizona Supreme Court. The highest court in Arizona has ruled that courts and prosecutors can’t prohibit the use of medical marijuana as part of probation if the individual has a valid medical marijuana card.

There were two cases before the Arizona Supreme Court.

In one case, a man convicted of possessing marijuana for sale in Cochise County was forbidden from using marijuana by a probation officer after he was released from prison.

In the second, a woman pleading guilty to DUI in Yavapai County refused to accept abstention from marijuana as a term of probation, prompting the prosecution to withdraw the plea agreement.

Both had valid medical marijuana cards.

In both cases, the Supreme Court ruled the individuals had the right to use marijuana for their medical conditions that could not be blocked as a term of probation.

Source: azcentral “AZ Supreme Court allows medical marijuana on probation

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