Ga Medical Marijuana Law FAQ

Frequently asked questions on Georgia’s new medical marijuana law, HB1 Haleigh’s Hope Act which legalizes “low THC oil” in the State of Ga.

Haleigh’s Hope Act“, also called HB1, is Georgia’s new medical marijuana law named after 5 year old, Haleigh Cox, who inspired the legislature in the State of Ga. to vote 160-1 to allow medical marijuana in the state.

While the law legalizes medical marijuana in the State of Ga, there are very specific conditions and rules that patients must follow to qualify for the new law. We have tried to summarize some of the most common questions that Georgia medical marijuana patients are likely to ask about the new law HB1. The information is not meant to be complete and is provided purely for general informational purposes. We have provided instructions on how to download a copy of the actual bill for your own review. We encourage any potential medical marijuana patient in Georgia to read it to understand the full provisions of “Haleigh’s Hope Act”.

What is Georgia's medical marijuana law called?
What type of medical marijuana is now legal in Georgia?
What medical conditions are covered under Georgia's medical marijuana Haleigh's Hope Act?
How do I register with the state as a patient or caregiver
Who is considered a caregiver under Georgia's HB1?
What is the residency requirement of Ga's medical marijuana law?
What type of doctor's note do I need to qualify for Ga's medical marijuana card?
What are the penalties for possessing 'low THC oil' without being a registered patient or caregiver?
Does Ga's medical marijuana law protect me from my employer's drug policy?
Where do I purchase legal medical marijuana in Georgia?
Does Georgia plan to make any changes or improvements to the medical marijuana law?
Where can I download a copy of Ga's med marijuana bill HB1, Haleigh's Hope Act?
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