Medical Marijuana for Pets

Scientists seem to be “rediscovering” the many benefits of cannabis and cannabis-based medicines almost on a daily basis. As research into the medicinal benefits of marijuana expands, people are asking if the cannabis plant may perhaps help their suffering pets. Fox News recently did a video titled “Does medical marijuana work for pets?“.

The video is included below:

The article quotes a Los Angeles veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Weber, who states that he has read of medical marijuana beings used on pets for “tumor regression”, as well as having colleagues who have recommended it to pet owners with “positive effects”. He stresses more research is needed into both the benefits and risks of medical marijuana on humans and pets. The doctor does note that there has been a significant increase in dogs brought to emergency facilities because of “toxic effects”.

“In Colorado, where the use of marijuana is now legal, there’s been a four-fold increase in the number of dogs brought to emergency facilities because of the toxic effects”

What are your thoughts on using medical marijuana for pets? Why do you think there’s has been an increase in dog emergency visits? Sound off in the comments below!

Article: Fox News: “Does medical marijuana work for pets?
Photo: Flickr:  Nottingham Vet School “RJN0000PC0035” Reproduced & Shared under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic
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