Tommy Chong Green Card

Tommy Chong recently did an interview with Yahoo Finance about his new “Tommy Chong Green Card“. The article is titled “Tommy Chong’s solution for pot’s banking problem” but the card is more like a frequent buyer’s club with perhaps a pre-paid debit feature. It wasn’t clear on how this would help solve the marijuana banking problem which is an area entirely separate from a marijuana buyer’s club (We’ve previously touched on some of the financial burdens that legal marijuana businesses face as a result of the federal prohibition).

The interview also briefly got into his marijuana “empire” building. Just in the last few months, he has come out with “Tommy Chong’s Smoke Swipe“, Tommy Chong branded strain of marijuana, and now “Tommy Chong’s Green Card“. He states it’s all “coming along really well”; perhaps “unfolding too fast“, but that “you gotta try it all if you’re gonna be in the game“.  Who said stoners aren’t go-getters??

The interview is included below. Check out toward the end where he says we need the states to “decriminalize”. Did he mean legalize?

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