Gov. Christie Crack Down on Marijuana

I will crack down and not permit it…marijuana is a gateway drug” said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on what he would do as president regarding enforcing federal drug laws in states that have legalized marijuana. Christie’s opposition to legal marijuana is not unexpected given his criticism of even medical marijuana, calling it a “front” for full recreational legalization, and his statement that recreational marijuana would not happen on his “watch“.

Well, it looks like, if given the chance as president, he will expand his “watch” to all the states and try to enforce his anti-marijuana stance against the will of the people.  In other words, expand federal government’s intrusion into the local affairs of states and people, while ignoring science and voter desires. So, Gov. Christie is staking out ground as the “anti-marijuana” candidate for president. Only question is, who is going to vote for an anti-marijuana candidate in today’s marijuana friendly environment?

Latest Pew Surveys shows there is over 80% support for medical marijuana in all the key swing states. The issue of making cannabis based medicines available to suffering patients, most of whom are children, is now seen by the public as a matter of compassion. Any candidate for president, who is unable to empathize with families having to leave their homes and loved ones seeking desperate hope and relief for their children, will have to dig deep to rationalize why such person should be entrusted with our nation.

An interesting statistic from the Pew Survey is that even among people who oppose marijuana legalization, only 11% think it’s a gateway drug. This is the group Gov. Christie just joined with his statement “marijuana is a gateway drug”.

Even from a purely political standpoint, Gov. Christie’s anti-marijuana stance is questionable given the fact that independents and millennial Republicans both support legalizing marijuana. Pandering to the statistic that only 39% of Republicans support marijuana legalization will guarantee that such a candidate will most certainly get less than 39% in a general election.

With all due respect to Gov. Christie, he should have made a run for president years ago; support for marijuana legalization was in the low 30% in 2006…perhaps that was his time. With 53% of the people supporting recreational marijuana and over 80% supporting medical marijuana, his chances of getting anyone to agree to in effect “yea let’s go arrest those parents  and kids who are finally able to get some relief from their non-stop seizures” are slim to none.

Here is the radio interview on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Tuesday (April 14, 2015)

As previously mentioned, it really comes down to how much a person cares about people. How other people’s suffering affects you in your heart. Not wanting to legalize recreational marijuana is a position that can be debated with strong arguments on both sides. Not wanting to legalize medical marijuana or to allow further medical research is a position that is unjustifiable, and is not only cold-hearted but ignores scientific evidence.

Do we really want a cold-hearted ideologue who ignores science and is determined to enforce his own narrow views on states that have amended their own constitutions to legalize marijuana?

Would you vote for a candidate for president who opposed legalization over one who favored it? Sound off in the comments below!

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