Compassionate Sensible Access Act

The proponents of the “The Compassionate and Sensible Access Act” filed their ballot initiative on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Unlike the 12 page “California Craft Cannabis Initiative” filed on the same day, “The Compassionate and Sensible Access Act” is just one page.

From our layman’s reading of it, it sounds like the goal of the ballot initiative is to create a shield around the medical marijuana marketplace and patients by equating cannabis with any other “flora”.  The language is very general and the initiative states it “shall be interpreted liberally”. Interpretations usually mean lawsuits so it will be interesting to see how this one develops.

In the comments section of coverage of the initiative, an individual named DonnaJeanLambert posted clarification to the East Bay Express article which sheds more light on the initiative. “Donna Lambert” is one of the signatures on “The Compassionate and Sensible Access Act” filing.

I agree that a major stumbling block to get initiatives passed that benefit society as a whole, often face a challenge acquiring funding. Fortunately the compassionate and sensible access act is already well funded!
Donna Lambert Freedom Fighter 420 (on Facebook). Stay tuned for regular updates!

Posted by DonnaJeanLambert on 04/15/2015 at 8:23 PM

I am a proponent of the Sensible California Iniative.
I would like to correct a mild mistatement.
SENSIBLE CALIFORNIA is an iniative which adds constitutional ammendment.
Sensible California will co-exist any other initiatives that makes the ballot as long as that initiative does not try to create a restrictive permitting pot monopoly to benefit only a few people while continuing to criminalize Californians across the state.
the way it is written in this article it appears that we are blocking regulation which is absolutely not the case.
What this initiative does is to protect the rights of the individual patients and prevents governments from using legislation to create
restrictive permitting pot monopoly by groups which purport to represent cannabis but truly only represent themselves.
SENSIBLE CALIFORNIA IS NECESSARY TO PROTECT INDIVIDUALS AS BIG MONEY WILL BE HEAVILY FUNDING “PRO-MARIJUANA” GROUPS whose real goal is to corner the market by throwing every Californian under the bus with the continued criminalization of marijuana for everybody but themselves.
the purpose of their action is to keep prohibition prices and prohibition profit eliminating competition.
Sensible California will ensure that human beings have the right to live free from fear.

Posted by DonnaJeanLambert on 04/15/2015 at 8:14 PM

The following is the actual language of “The Compassionate and Sensible Access Act” as filed.


Title: The Compassionate and Sensible Access Act

Findings and Declarations

The People of the State of California, through the passage of the Compassionate Use Act, recognize that cannabis in all forms, including but
not limited to its flowers, leaves, and derivatives and concentrates thereof, is an alternative medicinal treatment.

Since the passage of the Compassionate Use Act, more and more evidence supports the People’s conclusion that cannabis is a valuable
medicinal herb.

Despite this evidence and the People’s desire to make access to cannabis safe and affordable to anyone it may help, many local jurisdictions
have sought to pass regulations and restrictions effectively denying such safe and affordable access.

Therefore, We the People propose this Compassionate and Sensible Access Act be added to the Constitution of the State of California:
Cannabis is a legitimate, alternative medicinal treatment. Therefore:

(1) No state or local agency or body shall adopt a law that burdens in any way the ability of doctors to recommend cannabis for medicinal
and/or therapeutic purposes, unless said law applies such burden equally to the recommendation of other herbal or therapeutic treatments

(2) No state or local agency or body shall pass any law which impedes a patient’s ability to obtain or cultivate cannabis in any manner that is
consistent with the other flora cultivation and business in said jurisdiction.

(3) No state or local agency or body shall enact any legislation that impedes a patient’s ability to obtain, transport or cultivate cannabis, so
long as the method of obtaining, cultivating or transporting cannabis is consistent with the business practices and/or cultivation practices of
other flora in said jurisdiction.

(4) No state or local agency or body shall adopt laws that create non-competitive marketplaces for medical cannabis and its derivatives.


For the purposes of this act, cannabis is defined as (a) a genus of flowering plants that includes three different species, Cannabis sativa,
Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis, (b) any member of such genus, and (c) any part or any derivative of such plant or plants.

This section shall be interpreted liberally to effect the purposes set forth herein.

Link to a copy of “The Compassionate and Sensible Access Act”

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