California Craft Cannabis Initiative filed

The “California Craft Cannabis Initiative” was filed by proponents Heather Burke and Omar Figueroa. The filing of the initiative is the first step in the process to get it on the ballot for 2016 and doesn’t necessarily indicate anything about public support for the initiative. Anyone can file the paperwork for an initiative with a $200 filing fee.

The “California Craft Cannabis Initiative” is a relatively comprehensive initiative with its provisions detailed in a 12 page document. As the name suggests, there are extensive allowances for the “craft cultivation of cannabis”. The language of the initiative states:

It is the intent of the people in enacting this article to create a robust and competitive cannabis industry.  Accordingly, the commission may not limit the total number of licenses that may be issued pursuant to this article, The commission shall develop an application that is more streamlined…

Some highlights of the “Craft Cultivators” section of the California Craft Cannabis Initiative include allowance for up to 100 plants, commercial wholesale, retail sales and on-premises consumption, branding for “California’s world-famous cannabis appellations, including, but not limited to,  Humboldt County, Mendocino County, Trinity County, and the Emerald Triangle. Cannabis cultivated by a craft cultivator may be labeled according to the official county and regional appellation where the cannabis was cultivated.” Additionally, it would establish a “California Cannabis Genetic Repository” for “documenting and preserving the genetic diversity of cannabis”.

Some other highlights of the California Craft Cannabis Initiative:

  • Persons 21 years of age or older
  • A person may cultivate for personal use, on private property, 6 or fewer cannabis plants, provided that all reasonable measures are taken to ensure that the plants are not seen, smelled, or perceived by nonconsenting neighbors or the public.
  • “Personal use” means for the use of natural persons involved in the cultivation of cannabis. Cannabis cultivated for personal use may not be sold for a profit but may be shared without consideration, or in exchange for remuneration limited to the reasonable cost of cultivating the cannabis.
  • California Cannabis Commission (the Commission) comprised of 5 elected members for four-year terms; 1 executive commissioner and 4 Board of Equalization district representatives.
  • The Commission would issue marijuana licenses as follows:
    (1) A craft cultivator’s license.
    (2) A commercial cultivator’s license.
    (3) A cannabis processor’s license to process and produce edible food products containing cannabis.
    (4) A cannabis retailer’s license to sell cannabis and cannabis-derived products in retail outlets.
  • Only California residents or businesses will be able to qualify for a license
  • The commission may develop a licensing system by which cannabis may be purchased, sold, served, consumed, and otherwise disposed of in a licensed premises in a manner similar to licensed premises serving alcoholic beverages.

Link to “The California Craft Cannabis Initiative” as filed

The California Craft Cannabis Initiative is just one of several marijuana legalization initiatives that are expected to begin the process to gather the necessary signatures to get on the ballot in November 2016.


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