Jon Stewart 420 Celebration Christie

Jon Stewart from the “Daily Show” got in on the 420 celebration with his “Uncle Jonny’s Super Kush Totally Chillaxed Sticky-Icky Informative Marijuana News Report“. In the segment Stewart spoofs a stoner stereotype character while munching on some “Ben & Jerry’s Lactaid Vanill-afikomen crunch flavor” ice cream (guessing they couldn’t get hold of Ben & Jerry’s BRRR-ito they advertised specially for 420).

He starts off by lamenting that the recently aired CNN show “Weed 3” hosted by Sanjay Gupta was “all about diseases and taxes” instead of “free love and hotboxing“. All in good fun. The show then brought on a female who told the Stewart stoner character, “pot isn’t just for shirtless old dudes with bongos, it’s a non-addictive (proven) medical treatment that is now raising much need tax revenue for like schools, libraries and roads“.

At the end of the 420 segment, Stewart talks about the recent statements from NJ Governor and presumed presidential candidate, Chris Christie. Gov. Christie recently stated that he would “crack down” on marijuana and states that allow it if he were elected president.

Stewart starts off by saying “but even with all the marijuana’s proven benefits, there’s always one guy that’s gotta be a total narc“. The show reminds the viewers that “Chris Christie is the guy that signed into law to allow internet gambling” , something that IS addictive and against federal law.

But always the fair-minded host, Stewart finishes by saying “well there’s a difference to be fair, if you smoke too much pot no one comes to break your f**king knees“.

The “Daily Show” segment on  “Uncle Jonny’s Super Kush Totally Chillaxed Sticky-Icky Informative Marijuana News Report” with Jon Stewart is included below:

(Link to video: Huffington Post “Jon Stewart Calls Out ‘Total Narc’ Chris Christie For Hypocrisy On Marijuana“)

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