Well another year and another Cannabis Cup in the books.  The battle was tough this year as more growers entered to make their mark in the blossoming industry.  The Bragging rights this year goes to as follow:

Best Indica

1st– Granddaddy Purps- Herbal Healing

2nd– Kosher Kush- Greenwolf LA with Kushco

3rd– DaVinci OG- Greenwolf LA with Ghost Crow

Best Sativa

1st– Ghost Train Haze #13- Greenway Las Vegas

2nd– Veganic Strawberry Cough- Private Stock for Buds & Roses of LA

3rd– Green Crack- Christopher Stine

Best Hybrid

1st– T.S.T. Cookies- Greenwolf and Top Shelf Terps

2nd– Cali Kush Farms Emperor Cookie Dough- Greenwolf LA

3rd– Mega Wellness OG- The Weed, The Wellness Earth Dispensary

Best CBD

1st– Tora Bora- MMJ America

2nd– Nubia- Aficionado/ FreeBorn Selections

3rd– Sleeping Giant- Elemental Seeds

Best Indica Concentrate

1st– Crown OG Sugar- Greenwolf LA, Nature’s Lab/Crown OG

2nd– Space Valley OG- Pink House with Incredibles

3rd– Kush Company OG Live Resin Batter- Kush Company with Nature’s Lab Extracts and W.E.E.D. Studio City

Best Sativa Concentrate

1st– Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin- Crocket Family Farms By Dabblicious Extracts

2nd– Wonderland Live Resin- Greenwolf LA with Dabblicious, Crocket Family Farm and OG Rebellion Farms

3rd– Tangie #17- Gold Coast Extracts

Best Hybrid Concentrate

1st– B Mega Wellness OG- Nameless Genetics with Weed of Studio City

2nd– Crown OG Crumble- Greenwolf LA, Nature’s Lab Extracts, Crown OG

3rd– Skywalker OG Kush- Dab Vader/ Vader Extracts

Best CBD Concentrate

1st– OG Tonic- The Smokers Club with Garden of Weedn

2nd– Cannatonic- Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers

Best Non- Solvent Hash

1st– Cookies and Cream Cubantech Drysift- Exotic Genetix

2nd– Strawberry Banangieland- Trichome Heavy Extracts with GC Rebellion Farms, Greenwolf LA and DNA

3rd– Kimbo Kush Cubantech Drysift- Cuban Hash Queen with Exotic Genetix

Best Edibles

1st– Bubba Kush Root Beer 100mg- Keef Cola Signature

2nd– Affagato Bar- Incredibles

3rd– Orange Creamsicle Creampop- Sacred Sweets with Trichome Heavy Extracts with DNA

Best CBD Edibles

1st– 160 mg Banana Pudding Bar- Shum-Met Bars with Foxtracts

2nd– Rockies DBD Entriched Premium Protein Bar

3rd– Cheery Drops Tincture- Great Lakes Hemp Supplements

Best Topical

1st– Angel Salve- Champion Cannabis with EvoLab

2nd– Highgasm- Genusys Compound and Essences

3rd– Foria Pleasure- Foria


And Finally the People’s Choice

People’s Choice for Flower

1st– Cindy White- The Green Solution

2nd– Griz Kush- Native Roots

3rd– Bubba Kush- The Clinic Colorado

People’s Choice for Concentrate

1st– Sour Diesel Shatter- The Green Solution

2nd– Kosher Kush Live Resin Butter- The Clinic Colorado

3rd– Orange Herijuana Shatter- Native Roots




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