NYC Cannabis Parade April 2015

This Saturday, May 2, 2015, marijuana legalization advocates converged in New York City’s Union Square for the “NYC Cannabis Parade“.  Organized by Troy Smit, the parade in the Big Apple attracted people from all walks of life who want marijuana legalized in the State of New York. Smit is quoted as saying the goal of the event is to “end the war on drugs, release the medicine, free the prisoners, heal the sick and unite the nations“.

Some of the attendees included Jack Cole, a retired police officer and undercover narcotics detective who co-founded Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, and Deacon Fiirst who came to support people’s right to enjoy a plant. The Deacon also pointed out that lives were being destroyed for non-violent offenses by stating “a victimless crime is pointless to prosecute someone for“.

While there is currently a bill, introduced by a couple of Democratic NY lawmakers, in state legislative committee that would regulate and tax marijuana, it is not expected to pass this year.

The following is a NBC News video coverage of the NYC Cannabis Parade held at Union Square on Saturday, April 2, 2015.

Source: NBC News “Protesters in NYC Call for Legal Marijuana in New York

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