Price of Weed by State

What is the price for an ounce of high quality marijuana in your state? Depending on one’s state of residence, the answer to the price of weed question is going to vary widely with the lowest prices, not surprisingly, in those states that have legalized marijuana. Forbes recently did an article titled “All 50 States Ranked By The Cost Of Weed (Hint: Oregon Wins)“. In it, they mapped the average price of weed for each U.S. State as compiled by from user submitted data.

Although the validity of the average prices can be debated, the overall general price variations from state to state, and particularly, between “legal” states and “illegal” states, show that legalizing marijuana does eliminate the “criminal premium” that fuels the illegal drug trade.

With more states legalizing marijuana, an approximation of true market price is starting to take shape, and what these prices are showing is that black market marijuana is unique in its ability to demand a premium over the legal stuff. Generally for most goods and commodities, a buyer of black market products demands a discount for his or her willingness to deal “under the table”.  Because of the article shortage created by the prohibition on cannabis, criminals are able to exploit the laws while consumers are left holding the bag for higher prices and risk of jail time.

What these prices also show is that despite the prohibition, marijuana is effectively available everywhere. As recent polls have shown, the majority of Americans realize marijuana doesn’t kill people or ruin lives. And those who choose to partake in the plant do so despite the prohibition. What the harsh penalties have done is to create a system that punishes and ruins the live of the very people it is supposed to protect.

The following is the map showing price of weed by state as compiled by

Price of Weed by State Weed Journal

How do these prices for an ounce of high quality weed compare to actual prices in your state? Sound off in the comments!

The prices are average of user submitted data based on what the user considers “High Quality” weed. This subjective statistic highlights some of the difficulties still facing the cannabis industry; that of consistency and standardization.  Until a more clear transparent methodology is established for determining the quality of weed and its pricing, these user established prices for quality must be taken with a grain of salt.


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