The organizers for the 2012 Amendment to Colorado Marijuana Law that made it legal for recreational users that are 21 years and older, are now pushing once again to get the voters to allow marijuana use in private business settings.  The organizing group is hoping to collect enough signatures to put into ballot for November election, while the details are still being written.

“We allow adults to go to private businesses and drink socially, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t let adults do that with marijuana,” said Mason Tvert, a Colorado-based marijuana legalization activist.”

The group met with city attorney to discuss the details of the measure.  Still there are many questions need to be addressed regarding how and where it will be allowed.  There are many opponents to this measure both politically and by local residents.

“The thoughts of it being used in restaurants and bars in places where kids can see this, it’s very disturbing,” said Gina Carbone, a spokeswoman with SMART Colorado that worked to stop legalization efforts during the 2012 election and has been influential in creating marijuana policy with state lawmakers.”

More information should be available in the coming weeks as awareness campaign is released.

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