Growing Cannabis.  Well, first thing we need are seeds but what do after we acquire our prized bean?  I like to keep it simple and easy.  I know a lot of folks like to use the tissue method which is great and effective but handling the seed after they’ve popped can be tedious to some.

What I do is use 2oz mini cups and rapid rooter plugs.  First, I soak the seed in water for couple hours.  Next, I get my Rapid Rooter in lightly dampen it with water and squeeze out the excess, but keep it damp.  Place it somewhere warm but not hot, like on top of cable box or near the pilot light on stove tops.  In few days, you should see it coming alive.



IMAG0839IMAG0847Drop the Rooter into cup and seed into the Rooter.IMAG0850Next, cover the cup with saran wrap and slit some holes into the saran.


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