Cannabis B2B Marketplace

A company in Colorado, Tradiv, is raising $1 million for a cannabis B2B marketplace to connect legal marijuana businesses.

Tradiv is backed by cannabis accelerator CanopyBuilder, which has a 9.5% equity stake in the company. Tradiv’s public SEC filing shows that the startup as raised $650K. Other parties noted in the filing include CanopyBoulder partner Micah Tapman, Emily Paxhia, partner of cannabis focused fund Poseidon Asset Management, and former Microsoft Surface manager, Nick Hofmeister.


Company Summary

Tradiv, Inc. uses an online B2B e-commerce platform which facilitates the sale and purchase of wholesale cannabis products between licensed businesses. The platform manages orders, inventories,helps with payment and automates shipping. We carry no actual inventory ourselves, operate with very low-overhead, and generate revenue with a fee based tiered membership subscription in alignment with a SaaS operational model.

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